Truth to Power. Barbara Lee Speaks for Me

dir. Abby Ginzberg / USA / 2020 / 80 min.

Section: ONLINE

Screenings: 12-13 marca 2021



Director: Abby Ginzberg

Cinematography: Vicente Franco, Ashley James

Editing: Stephanie Mechura, Ken Schneider, Marta Wohl

Sound: James Lebrecht
Music: Osei Essed

Producers: Abby Ginzberg, Joslyn Rose Lyons
Production: Social Action Media


World sales: Social Action Media

Language: English



"Truth to Power: Barbara Lee Speaks for Me" tells the complex story of Representative Barbara Lee, a steadfast voice for human rights, peace and economic and racial justice in the US Congress who cut her teeth as a volunteer for the Black Panther Party and was the lone vote in opposition to the broad authorization of military force following the September 11th attacks. In 2001, she issued a strident warning in the House of Representatives: “Let us not become the evil we deplore,” and today she continues that clarion call, demanding that Congress stand up to a president who has escalated tensions with numerous foreign governments, while seeding division within his own country.
"Truth to Power" reveals how many of the challenges faced by Barbara Lee early in her life provided her with the motivation and commitment to improve the lives of others throughout her tenure as an elected representative.  
With unique access to a sitting member of Congress, this film not only introduces the public to Barbara Lee but to many others such as Senator Cory Booker, Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, CNN commentator Van Jones, actor Danny Glover and author Alice Walker who all share insights about what makes Barbara Lee unique as a public servant and as a truth-telling African American woman.


American Film Festival (Audience Award), DOC NYC, Pan African Film Festival, San Francisco IFF (SFFILM), Sidewalk Film Festival, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Toronto Black Film Festival


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Peabody-Award winning filmmaker, Abby Ginzberg has been producing compelling documentaries about race and social justice for over 30 years. Her penultimate film, "Waging Change" (2019), explores the challenges faced by tipped servers, forced to rely on tips and the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13, and premiered at DOC NYC.