God Is Not Working on Sunday!

dir. Leona Goldstein / Germany / 2015 / 84 min. / Polish premiere

Section: ONLINE

Screenings: November 21-25, 2020


Director: Leona Goldstein

Screenplay: Leona Goldstein

Cinematography: Leona Goldstein

Editing: Clara Andres

Sound: Felicitas Heck 

Music: Emilio Gordoa

Producers: Veronika Janatková, Leona Goldstein

Production: zAPANka films

World sales: Visible Film

Language: English, French, Kinyarwanda




What sounds like a feminist utopia, is in Rwanda reality: Since 2008 women form the majority in the rwandan parliament - up to now a global novelty. 20 years after the genocide the country is considered as one of the most progressive countries of the African continent – quick economic growth, technological forerunner position, and a pulsating network of women-activists who in the fight for reconciliation and equal rights have created new spaces for women. Which influence does a politics dominated by women have on conflict resolution strategies? And how does the young generation of today handle the aftermaths of the genocide and the sexualized war crimes?   Our entrance into this world is through the work of Godelieve and Florida - community organisers and powerful forces. “God Is Not Working on Sunday!” reflects the women’s appeal to direct action at the individual and community levels. Humans cannot simply wait for other forces – godly or governmental – to provide a better future for them. We must do it for ourselves. 

Every income generated with the film goes in 100% to the women in Rwanda. Since 9 years the filmmakers organise educational partnerships, especially for the kids born out of rape, which mostly have no financial support neither from their families, nor the government and in the most cases can't go to school. For only 15 € a month you can support a kid in Rwanda to go to school and free himself/herself from discrimination and social exclusion. Of course even 5 € a month is already a great help! If you wish further information, please contact the filmmakers at: mail@leonagoldstein.de.




ONE WORLD International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Beyond Borders Film Festival, MIC Genero International Film Festival (Best Film), MOVEIT! Film Festival (Best Human Rights Film), Vox Feminae International FilmFestival, China Women’s Film Festival (Best Film), Globale FilmFestival, Berlin Independent Film Festival BIFF (Best Director), DOCfeed International Documentary Film Festival, Lisbon International Film Festival, Naples Independent Film Festival, TMC The Modcon London Film Festival,  International Women’s Film Festival Cologne (Audience Award)



Award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist Leona Goldstein (*1976) has studied visual communication in Rome, Dortmund and Berlin. In numerous film- and photo-documentations she questions the topics of borders, with a focus on civil rights, gender equality and migration. Her last projects document the activities of social movements in Rwanda, Cambodia, Venezuela, Burkina Faso, Mexico as well as throughout Europe. Her works were distinguished with numerous awards and scholarships. She published four books as well as several documentaries. Since 2012 she holds a lectureship for documentary film at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Berlin, Germany.