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and died together one day

dir. Pola Rader / Russia, Germany / 2021 / 9 min. / Polish premiere

Section: Family Album

Director: Pola Rader

Screenplay: Pola Rader

Cinematography: Pola Rader

Editing: Pola Rader

Sound: Pola Rader

Music: Green Boodah BDA WBK (Anton Sysoev)

Producers: Pola Rader

Production: Pola Rader

World sales: Pola Rader

Language: no dialogue



‘They lived happily ever after and died together one day’, that’s how all the love stories Pola Rader used to listen to as a child end (* Russian variant). But what’s the ending of these ‘love stories’ in reality? Romanticization of love’s notion and its dispute with harsh reality are the baseline for the film that takes an in-depth look at how and to what extent the cultural image of love designates our consciousness. This visual manifesto recreates an idealized image of an imperfect relationship, using the romantic aesthetic. The film analyses an almost invisible difference between myths and reality in our heads and combines in this documentary footage with hyperbolic staged romantic scenes. Turning to her personal experience, Pola Rader considers the romantic relationship of two people based on the example of her parents. When she was little, they loved each other; in her teens they broke up; now that she is an adult, they’re together again, with the experience of what they’ve been through before. Her parents and she tried to find out the visual images associated with their romantic relationship and recreated these scenes in front of the camera.





MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Gathering


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Film director, media artist and photographer with Russian roots, who now resides in Germany. 2004-2009 she obtained a teaching degree in English and French philology at the Arctic University of Murmansk, Russia. Then she moved to Germany, where in 2014 she completed her bachelor degree in Film and Theatre Studies at the Free University of Berlin. In 2020 Rader graduated from the MA Film course at the University of the Fine Arts Hamburg with the final film “Habitat”, an experimental documentary. She mostly works on the intersection of documentary and visual arts using film, photography and motion design as her main mediums of expression. Over and again, she engages with social related issues, such as the interaction between society and individuals. At the same time, her art combines reality with a touch of surrealism creating a kind of visual poetry.


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