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dir. Olha Tsybulska / Norway, Ukraine / 2023 / 35’

You Know It's Going To Be About War




Kinoteka, plac Defilad 1, Warszawa, Polska

Director(s): Olha Tsybulska
Writer(s): Olha Tsybulska, Ganna Iaroshevych
Cinematography: Jack Belisle
Editing: Ganna Iaroshevych
Sound: Dmytro Oleksiuk, Eugene Chaban
Music: Ivan Tovstiuk
Producer(s): John Emil Richardsen
Production: Montevideo Tromsø AS
World sales: Journeyman TV
Language(s): Ukrainian



After a few months of the full-scale invasion, people start going back to their regular lives despite the intangible danger of missile strikes hanging over cities as the need for normality begins to overpower the fear of death. “You Know It's Going to Be About War” paints a fair and honest picture of a youth caught up in the endless routine of war, driven by a lust for life, punctuated with bursts of guilt, anger and hope. All the characters are connected by their close relationship with the director. Through candid conversations with her friends and family, the director seeks an understanding of how to navigate the new reality, where war becomes a routine without an end in sight. It is a journey to celebrate life despite the war.



Tromsø International Film Festival, HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival, Visions du Réel, Millennium Docs Against Gravity



Olha was working as a freelance editor for commercial projects but wanted to find different avenues into the industry. That experience has brought her to the Kyiv-based production company. She worked as a director’s and producer’s assistant on documentary projects until russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. After the beginning of the invasion, Olha took a step toward directing a documentary short about her personal experience of living in the country in war.


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