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Let me in

Dir. Ania Płonka / Hungary / 2020 / 4’ / Polish premiere


New Faces


Director: Ania Płonka
Screenplay: Ania Płonka
Cinematography: Małgorzata Rabczuk
Editing: Ania Płonka
Sound: Krzysztof Sokół
Music: FOQL
Producer: Viewfinder
Production: Viewfinder
World sales: Viewfinder
Language: Russian, Hungarian, Polish



In the world of total control and exploitation, in a city possessed by the neo-nazi hit squads, a queer boy is trying to find a safe place in the mysterious villa, avoided by the locals because of the yellow flag, a symbol of the plague, waving above the entrance to the building. He records a casting video and comes to meet the inhabitants of the house.


HER Docs Film Festival (Polish premiere)


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Ania Płonka
Born in 1989, a visual artist and filmmaker. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She currently works on her diploma at the Warsaw Film School. Her video artworks have been screened at the festivals and exhibitions in Europe (i.a. London, Brussels, Cracow, Warsaw, Naples, Milan) and the USA (i.a. New York, Portland, Los Angeles). Ex-member of 8Zł girlsband and author of the band’s videoclips. One of the songs - “romantyczna historia ludzi” - was released in Japanese zine “Very Gois #3” (2017). Her artworks are immersed in the psychoanalysis of non-standard consciousness. The atmosphere of her works is tense and intimate - you can feel as if we were taking part in a voyeuristic act of peeping. Płonka uses the nostalgic aesthetics of VHS tapes, internet and advertising, addressing the problems of the millennial generation: isolation, loneliness, depression and life in social media.



Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
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