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Dir. Monika Cyprian / Poland / 2020 / 4’ / Polish premiere




Director: Monika Cyprian
Screenplay: Monika Cyprian
Cinematography: Monika Cyprian
Editing: Krzysztof Fischer
Sound: Krzysztof Fischer
Producers: Magda Betlejewska, Piotr Fryta Kornobis
Production: MOON Films Sp. z o.o.
World sales: Monika Cyprian
Language: Polish, English



Monika walks her father to the hospital. She doesn’t know yet that this is the final touch she’s sharing with him. His hospitalization coincides with her work on the project “STAY TOUCH”, which explores the lack of touch during the lockdown. The only way she’s able to interact with her father and execute the project is via video calls, which she records. Through this virtual connection she gets to know many intimate stories of people who share their experiences of feeling touch. When her father dies in the hospital, contactless, she continues her project. She records her own video calls and captures her own body. More people participate in the project. They face all aspects of touch during the pandemic; isolation. Monika becomes part of the picture she created with participants of “STAY TOUCH”. She has to confront the objective of her own project in the most vulnerable and irreversible way - losing her father’s touch once and for all. She attempts to make physical contact with him and to somehow find a way to feel his presence.


HER Docs Film Festival (Polish premiere)


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Monika Cyprian
An artist, visual storyteller, photographer and a trained midwife. In her artwork she seeks for authenticity, with her main focus being on the human body and relationships. During the pandemic she was exploring the theme of touch and its absence. In 2020 she created a project “STAY TOUCH”, which was funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage programme “Kultura w sieci” (“Culture online”). This led her to developing an interactive mobile application with her photographs. Currently she is working to bring her project from virtual to the physical form. The first step towards achieving this was her participation in an exhibition in “Scena Otwarta” Gallery in Poznan. Monika was also a finalist in the NEW MOON Short Film Festival Contest, where she presented a short film focused on the same topic. The project became extremely important and personal to her when her father had been admitted to hospital. Due to the pandemic restrictions she was not allowed to visit him and his condition prevented all forms of contact.



Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
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