The Story of a Panty

dir. Stéfanne Prijot / Belgium / 2018 / 60 min. / Polish premiere

Section: Reinventing Tomorrow


Director: Stéfanne Prijot

Cinematography: Stéfanne Prijot, Yann Verbeke

Editing: Stéfanne Prijot, Yann Verbeke

Sound: Frédéric Furnelle

Music: Stéphane Parmentier

Producers: Stéfanne Prijot, Yann Verbeke

Production: LEA Productions

World sales: Stéfanne Prijot

Language: Uzbek, Tamil, Indonesian, French


An immersive look into the lives of those who work in the shadow of the textile industry.  
The process of making a pair of panties connects Yulduz, a farmer in the Uzbek cotton fields deprived of freedom of expression; Janaki, a young Sumangali spinner who had to leave the school benches for the factory; Mythili, a dyer in India who dreams of becoming a mother; Risma, an activist for the rights of women workers in Indonesia and my mother, Pascale, who runs a small clothing store in Belgium. But since the relocation of factories 30 years ago, she is no longer able to offer clothes 100 % Made in Belgium.  
At each stage of its production, from country to country, the story of this panty takes us into the intimacy of the lives of these five women, each one a link in a global production chain. The film questions the value that one gives to the clothes but more importantly to the lives of those who make it. 


Bristol Independent Film Festival (Best Documentary), Festival de Cineffable (Audience Award), European Cinematography Awards (Best Documentary), Festival International du Film Documentaire Millenium, Athens Fashion Film Festival, Festival ELLES S'ENGAGENT, North Dakota Human Rights Film Festival, Seoul International Architecture Film Festival, Human Rights International Film Festival, Festival Elles Tournent / Dames Draaien



Stéfanne Prijot is a Belgian filmmaker and photographer. Through her camera, which she considers as a citizen tool, she tackles themes on gender, water, education and climate change, which she tries to approach with the greatest humanism.