LoveSex: Stories About Love & Sex

dir. Anja Kvistgaard Marott  / Denmark / 2017 / 52 min. / Polish premiere

Section: 4Youth


Director: Anja Kvistgaard Marott 

Cinematography: Anja Kvistgaard Marott 
Animation: Mark Hedehus Kjaergaard & Ja Film

Editing: Bobbie Esra Geelmuyden Pertan

Sound: Roar Schou, Mikkel Groos

Music: Troels Abrahamsen

Producers: Mette-Ann Schepelern

Production: Magma Film & TV

World sales: Magma Film & TV (world except Denmark), Danish Film Institute (Denmark)

Language: Danish

Special screening for high school students. Free tickets can be collected on the day of the screening (March 7th) at the festival center at Kinoteka cinema. Prior registration required at:


In the series "LoveSex: Stories About Love & Sex", the audience is immersed in a dynamic and sensuous universe of skinless honest stories about love and sex - told by young people to young people. In 6 partially animated short films, eight young people tell their personal stories of their love life and sex life, spiced up with their own iphone recordings and animated interpretations of their sex experiences, allowing the audience to get very close to and into the feeling of being young, loving and curious about sex. We hear of an inner sex monster that Maria is afraid of letting out in front of her boyfriend, Jacob, who doesn't quite understand why. And about Oliver, who is gay, and talks about loneliness before jumping out and fighting not to be put in a booth, because he wants but to preserve his full identity - not only turn into a guy. Tobias' first time with his girlfriend, which does not work out well at all, and he tells how he is curiously exploring the promised new sex land in order to learn good sex. Here he learns to give finger to music and is inspired by porn. Chaimae did not have to be a lesbian according to her parents' beliefs, and she suppressed her sexuality for many years until one day she resigned. When she first realizes how crazy it is to masturbate, she doesn't stop again. Rikke and Nina experience love at first sight, but are afraid to fuck their lives up with their mutual obsession with each other. Nadezhda explores the corners of her sexuality and enjoys many exciting sex experiences until one night she is struck by the feeling that she no longer wants sex without love. 






Director Anja Kvistgaard Marott-sh_small

Documentary filmmaker and director. She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2005. “Girl with Telephone” is her graduation film. In 2017 she directed 6 partially animated short documentaries “LoveSex: Stories About Love & Sex”.