dir. Camila Kater / Brazil, Spain / 2019 / 12 min. / Polish premiere

Section: Body


Director: Camila Kater

Screenplay: Camila Kater, Ana Julia Carvalheiro

Animation: Camila Kater, Giovana Affonso, Flavia Godoy, Cassandra Reis, Leila Monsegur

Cinematography: Samuel Mariani

Editing: Samuel Mariani

Sound: Xabier Ferreiro, Julia Teles, Luis Felipe Labaki

Music: Sofia Oriana Infante, Julia Teles

Producers: Chelo Loureiro, Lívia Perez

Production: Abano Producións, Doctela

World sales: FREAK Independent Film Agency

Language: Portugese, Spanish



From rare meat as childhood to well done meat as old age, four women live their lives smashed by beauty standards, facing harassment, privating themselves from sexuality until they are discarded as rotten meat. Even considering these abuses as common sense between women, their own singularity such as sexual orientation, gender identity and color can intensity their suffering. “Flesh” is a 12-minute short animated documentary film narrated by 5 real women characters about the relationship with their own body from different perspectives. There are 5 animation techniques in “Flesh”: oil paint over ceramic, watercolour traditional animation, 2D digital animation, claymation and painting on 35mm film. Each one represents a character and is animated by a different female animator.




Locarno Film Festival (Special Mention by the Young Jury of Pardi di domani), Toronto International Film Festival, IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Hamptons International Film Festival, DOK Leipzig,  Seminci - Valladolid International Film Festival, exground filmfest, Denver Film Festival, Mixido - Festival de Brasília, Leeds International Film Festival, AFI Fest, Festival dei Popoli, Philadelphia Film Festival, Luststreifen Film Festival (Best Documentary Short), El Gouna Film Festival, Gijon Film Festival, Aguilar Film Festival, El Gouna Film Festival (Bronze Star for Short Film)


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Camila Kater (1990, São Paulo) is a director, production designer, puppet maker, animator and screenwriter.  She has a bachelor degree in Media Studies at State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and in 2012 she was awarded with a one-year scholarship in Film and Television Production at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK) by the Brazilian government program Science Without Borders. She has worked in animation short films, as “Flirt” (2015), “Utano Tea” (2013), “The Apple Trial” (2013), “Unspeakable” (work in progress), “Finding My Way - Behind the Scenes” (2013), animation trailers for Cambridge Film Festival (since 2013) and the Brazilian vignette for the International Animation Day. She also worked as an art and animation assistant in a stop-motion documentary feature film “Bob Cuspe, We Do Not Like People” at Coala Filmes. Camila co-founded and coordinates the festival LESMA (La Extraordinária Semana de Mostras Animadas) in Brazil, with 3 editions suported by international festivals (MONSTRA Lisbon Animation Festival, ANIMAGE and Stop Trik).