MindPlace ThoughtStream

Shana Moulton / USA / 2014 / 12 min

Section: Art


Director: Shana Moulton

Performance: Shana Moulton

World sales: Galerie Gregor Staiger

Language: English



In “MindPlace ThoughStream” (2014), Cynthia, Shana Moulton’s film alter ego, is connected to a biofeedback system Mindplace ThoughStream, measuring her body’s functions with light and sound. Biofeedback is widely used in medicine, psychology, as well as in sport and business. Its purpose is to provide a person with feedback on changes in their physiological condition. “MindPlace ThoughStream” walks the participant through various relaxing scenarios. The participant hears whispering women’ voices, referring to autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR phenomenon can be triggered by several kinds of sensory experiences and manifests through tingling in different parts of the body. At the end of her journey, Cynthia eats Activia yoghurt and imitates Shakira’s choreography in the product’s commercial. Cynthia’s journey is interrupted by putting on magic clothes that make objects vibrate and move. (Weronika Giedrojć) 

Description after the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. 





 Shana Moulton, born in 1976 in Oakhurst, California, is an American video artist, currently living in New York. In her video works, she uses simple technological solutions and unsettling sense of humor. Her style refers to the computer technologies from the 90s. She often explores and presents contemporary fears and concerns through her artistic alter ego - Cynthia. The artist describes Cynthia as a tool that gives her a chance to discover her own ambiguities and ambivalences and makes her look at them with humor and distance.