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Forget Me Not

dir. Sun Hee Engelstoft / Denmark, South Korea / 2019 / 86 min. / Polish premiere

Section: ONLINE

Screenings: November 21-25, 2020


Director: Sun Hee Engelstoft

Cinematography: Sun Hee Engelstoft, Linda Wassberg, Camilla Hjelm Knudsen, Maria Von Hausswolff

Eiditing: Rebecca Lønqvist

Sound: Peter Albrechtsen
Music: Karsten Fundal

Producers: Monica Hellström 
Co-producers: MinChul Kim

Production: Final Cut for Real ApS in co-production with: Minch & Films

World sales: Autlook Film Sales

Languages: Korean, Danish, English


“Forget Me Not” takes place at Aeshuwon, an institution, for young pregnant unmarried women at the South Korean Island of Jeju. Here they seek refuge from their normal environment in order to hide their pregnancy and stay there until they have given birth to their baby. During their stay the women must make the crucial choice of whether to keep their child or give it up for adoption. The choice has great consequences for the women since educational institutes and work industries often refuse unmarried mothers, so it’s about choosing between two entirely different lives in Korean society. Told through adoptee and film director Sun Hee Engelstoft “Forget Me Not” follows three women, at the institution for unwed mothers, and their process towards the difficult decision, which is influenced by huge pressure from the outside world. Typically the disgrace of the family, the reluctance of the boyfriend and the disdain of Korean society towards the women's behaviour have a big impact on their final decision. However, at Aeshuwon, the strong-willed manager Mrs. Im supports the women and their fight for independence. But in the end, the decision – and its consequences – will always rest on one person alone.


CPH:DOX, Nordisk Panorama, IDFA - International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam, JAYU Human Rights Film Festival, DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Astra Film Festival, Budapest International Documentary Festival



Sun Hee Engelstoft is a Korean-Danish documentary director based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born in Busan, South Korea in 1982, she was adopted to Denmark in 1984. Having attended several schools for photography, she was accepted at the prestigious The National Film School of Denmark, which she graduated from as documentary director in 2011. “Forget Me Not” is her feature debut.


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