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Anna Zaradny / Poland / 2012 / 11 min

Section: Art


Directors: Anna Zaradny, Michał Kopaniszyn

Screenplay: Anna Zaradny

Animation: Michał Kopaniszyn

Cinematography: Michał Kopaniszyn

Music: Anna Zaradny

Performance: Anna Zaradny

World sales: Anna Zaradny

Language: without dialogue


“Octopus” is a short film form created for a music piece, which engages in a dialogue with experimental music tapping into the format of a music video - so characteristic of popular music. Zaradny frames here the common ground for moving image and sound. The work is set in a variety of contexts - from an informal relation with the traditional 'music video clip' format, to the presence of the artist in their own work, to the level of organisation of the visual structure stemming from the abstract musical composition. The narration and dynamics of the musical structure provides a point of reference for the video's script. The play on the codes of popular culture and functions of a video clip leads “Octopus” into an ambiguous aesthetic dimension. On the one hand, the visual side is heavily inspired by the music and directly synchronised with it, e.g. in terms of repetitions, but also the very timbre. On the other, the artist's presence directly creates the most important part of the video. Playing on the format of a music video, Zaradny also alters the context of the original piece, generating its entirely new aesthetic dimension. 

Description after the Filmoteka of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. 




Anna Zaradny photo Szymon Roginski.jpg

A visual and sound artist, composer, instrumentalist and co-creator of a festival and a record label Musica Genera. Her artistic practice is characterised by integration of both visual and sound art forms, which is displayed in her multimodal video installations and other objects, as well as audio-spatial compositions. An author of individual and group exhibitions, participant of international music festivals. She collaborated on performative projects with, among others, Paulina Ołowska and Alexandra Bachzetsis. Her discography includes solo recordings, and projects with Burkhard Stangle, Christian Fennesz, Robert Piotrowicz, Tony Buck, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Jerome Noetinger and others. She is also responsible for music scores for theatre productions and multimedia projects for some of the biggest theatrical institutions in Poland. A fellow of MuseumsQuartier Vienna. The winner of the audience award on the 5th edition of “Views 2011 – Deutsche Bank Award”, a contest for young Polish artists. A resident of Elektronmusikstudion EMS Stockholm, KSYME - CRM Athens.


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