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The HER Docs Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in 2019 by Maja Szydłowska, Katarzyna Korytowska and Weronika Adamowska,  and is active in the world of culture and art. The mission of the HER Docs Foundation is to popularize film (mainly documentary) œuvre of wom*n, to promote wom*n's creativity, and to empower and support wom*n and girls. Through the activities of the Foundation, we want to contribute to the fight for equal opportunities, not only in the film industry. We want to raise issues important to wom*n, girls and the entire civil society, and through the power of the visual (her)story, inspire and initiate social change. 

Apart from the broadly understood support and promotion of wom*n's filmmaking, one of the main goals of the Foundation is education through documentary films, with particular emphasis on high school students. This program includes sex and environmental education, shaping civic attitudes, inspiring social activism, promoting wom*n's rights, equality and tolerance, counteracting discrimination, stereotypes in the perception of gender, social roles, and homophobia.

The main project implemented by the HER Docs Foundation is the HER Docs Film Festival - an international film festival presenting the broad œuvre of wom*n. The first edition of the festival (March 6-10, 2020), organized around the International Women's Day, turned out to be a great success, visited by over 4,500 people from Poland and abroad. The program included over 60 films and 25 free accompanying events, such as debates, workshops, meetings with artists, and a music-performative event. The next edition of the festival is planned in a hybrid version (both physical in Warsaw and online) in 2021.

The Foundation also organized a very popular series of monthly screenings at the Warsaw Kinoteka theatre and accompanying meetings with invited directors, film scholars, journalists and experts, in which over 750 people took part from October 2019 to February 2020.

From November 2020, the Foundation has been carrying out its next project, the HER Docs ONLINE series, which allows audiences from all over Poland to watch selected, most popular films from the program of the first edition of the festival, as well as new titles that have not been shown in Poland before (Polish premieres).

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