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dir. Aleksandra Maciejczyk / Poland / 2018 / 18 min.

Section: New Faces


Director: Aleksandra Maciejczyk

Screenplay: Aleksandra Maciejczyk

Cinematography: Maciej Edelman

Editing: Sabina Filipowicz, Kamil Grzybowski

Sound: Paweł Idzikowski, Rafał Nowak

Producers: Agata Golańska, Marta Gmosińska, Michał Fronc

Production: Lodz Film School

World sales: KFF Sales & Promotion (world except Poland), Indeks Film Studio and Lodz Film School (Poland)

Language: Polish


One day in the life of a 50-year-old couple. Blind Krzysztof goes skiing with Wiola, his wife and guide. They prepare for skiing in the early morning. Krzysztof mounts bluetooth kits on the helmets that will connect them to each other. They go to the top of the mountain in a chair lift, and the higher they go, the more we learn about their life. At the same time, weather conditions are changing, thickening mist falls on the mountain slopes. When Wiola and Krzysztof finally reach the summit, they must find each other and connect in the surrounding fog. A short documentary about love and passion.


IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Hot Docs Toronto, Krakow Film Festival (Silver Dragon), Sydney Film Festival, Trento Film Festival, Listopad International Film Festival (Special Mention), Message to Man International Film Festival (Best Short Documentary Film), Drunken Film Festival Oakland (Best Documentary), Cambridge Film Festival



Born in Lodz, in 1993. She is a 5th year student at the Lodz Film School, Film and Television Directing department. During her studies she shot many documentary and fiction short films and took part in film festivals, both in Poland and abroad. Her short documentary "Nils" was awarded at the International Documentary Film Festival in Świdnica. In 2015 she took part in the screenwriting workshop MIDPOINT held at FAMU. At present, she works on her diploma film (in pre-production), writes a screenplay for a feature film under the Central European Feature Project and an adaptation of a children’s book in the framework of the Films for Kids Pro workshop. She affirms reality and is interested in a mix of genres.


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