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HER Docs recommends films at Krakow Film Festival

On May 26, the Krakow Film Festival starts for the 64th time. We are very happy that we are the festival's partners for another year in a row and we can recommend films directed by women we selected from this year's program.

Peaches, who is a performer, provoker and a sassy lady, does not slow down in the sixth decade of her life. To the contrary, her tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of her album ‘Teaches of Peaches’ was an explosion of creativity. For the directors of "Teaches of Peaches" Judy Landkammer and Philipp Fussenegger it was also an opportunity to find out more about this rebellious artist, an icon of feminism and queer culture.

Tako rzecze Peaches / Teaches of Peaches (International Competition DocFilmMusic)


May 28 | 20:30 📍Kino pod Baranami cinema

May 30 | 20:00 📍Kino pod Baranami cinema

June 1 | 20:30 📍 Kijów cinema 🔸 Judy Landkammer was born in 1988 in Landshut, Germany. She studied multimedia art in Salzburg. She is the editor of many films and videos, including: "Henry" dir. Philipp Fussenegger, which won the First Steps Award in 2016, "The Misandrists" dir. Bruce LaBruce, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2017, "Bester Mann" dir. Florian Forsch, which received the jury prize in the medium-length film category at the Max Ophüls Film Festival in 2018, or "I Am the Tigress" dir. Philipp Fussenegger, which celebrated its world premiere at the 2021 Max Ophüls Film Festival. "Teaches of Peaches" is her feature-length debut, directed together with Philipp Fussenegger.

Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world – that’s the motto of Anna Kurkurina, the strongest woman in the world, who loves animals. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Anna joined by a group of volunteers are doing everything possible to save as many wounded and abandoned animals as they can in these difficult days.

Wszystko ma żyć / Everything Needs to Live (Polish Competition)

Screenings:May 30 | 19:00 📍ASP cinema

May 31 | 19:30 📍 Sfinks cinema

🔸 Tetiana Dorodnitsyna is a film director, editor and visual artist. A graduate of the Directing Faculty at the I. K. Karpenko-Kary National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television in Kyiv. She is the director of the short films "Wolves" (2023) and "Who Is Kaya?" (2019). She worked for television channels, production companies and the Kyivtelefilm film studio. She is the editor of the feature-length documentaries "Askania Reserve" (2019) by Andrii Lytvynenko and "Roses. Film-Cabaret” (2021) by Irena Stetsenko. We had the pleasure of showing the latter film as part of a joint event organized together with the Pawilon in Poznań in 2022. "Everything Needs to Live" is Tetiana's feature-length debut, for which she and the film's co-director Andrii Lytvynenko received the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Industry Award. 64. Krakowski Festiwal Filmowy will be held stationary in Krakow cinemas and online on the following dates: 〰 26.05-02.06.2024 - Krakow 〰 02.06-16.06.2024 - online


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