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HER Docs x Pawilon vol. 2

»The choice to love is a choice to connect — to find ourselves in the other.«

~ bell hooks

Following the words of the author of “All About Love. New Visions”, together with the Poznan-based Pawilon, we invite you for the second time to join us on a film journey, collective experience and finding at least a part of yourself in the experiences of other people.

We will watch stories about the history of the feminist movement and women's solidarity. About life in unstable times and the constant fight for your rights. About the need to build a society based on empathy and acceptance.

During the discussions accompanying the screenings, we will talk about films, contemporary feminist theories, the experience of migration and women artists and activists.

HER Docs x Pavilion vol. 2 will take place on March 22-23 at the Pawilon in Poznań.

curator: Weronika Adamowska (HER Docs Foundation)

curators of the discussion program: Ola Juchacz, Marta Krawczyk (I have a body - what next?)

persons invited to the discussion: Renata Ziemińska, Joanna Sieracka, Ita Wachowska, Vera Popova

Free admission


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