In the Making

Bożna Wydrowska / Poland / 2020 / 4 min. / Polish premiere

Section: Art


Director: Bożna Wydrowska

Screenplay: Bożna Wydrowska

Cinematography: OPA films

Editing: Filip Cieplechowicz

Music: korgesquire "1 1 Audio R"

World sales: Bożna Wydrowska

Language: English, Polish


The video moves around the concept of identity. What is interesting for Bożna is not a process of self-discovery, but the essence of continuous self-creation. Identity is therefore understood as the subject of a complex process of shaping, which characteristic becomes variability and ability to adapt. The use of ephemeral video frames is an attempt to capture something immutable and permanent, which the eye of the beholder can find in careful observation of a given moment.





 Visual artist, performer and choreographer. Currently studying at the Faculty of Media Arts at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Her interests include experimental and alternative choreographic practices. Bożna is responsible for spreading knowledge about the phenomenon of ballroom culture in Poland. Since 2014, she belongs to the New York Royal House of Milan family. She is also one of the founders of the Kiki House of Sarmata family – a community of artists and dancers from Poland and Ukraine specializing in vogue dance, as well as the creator of the first cyclical performative and dance event called Bal u Bożeny in Warsaw.