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Section: Body

The body is a source of feelings, including pleasure, a place where the memories are stored, a map of our life journey. The exploration of our corporeality and sexuality allows us to get to know ourselves better, to befriend our own emotions. But it’s also about playing with cultural codes, exposing gender stereotypes, escaping from the oppressive, tight rules and putting our needs and desires first. But at the same time the body, appropriated by politics, ideology and religion, is still at the centre of various conflicts.
In this year's “Body” section, we intimately delve into the complex relationships of the body in motion, we focus on the body as a source of pleasure, but also explore the relationship between the body and politics.


Morgana dir. Isabel Peppard, Josie Hess (Australia / 2019 / 71’)

The Little Death dir. Annie Gisler (Switzerland / 2018 / 58’)

Body: set of animations

Bay of Plenty dir. Milva Stutz (Switzerland / 2018 / 12’)

Comfort dir. Weronika Banasińska (Poland / 2018 / 10’)

Intimity dir. Élodie Dermange (Switzerland / 2017 / 5’)

Lushfulness dir. Weronika Szyma (Poland / 2020 / 6’)

My Fat Arse and I dir. Yelyzaveta Pysmak (Poland / 2018 / 10’)

My Vagina Labyrinth dir. BadBadMeowMeow (Taiwan / 2019 / 5’)

Morgana-Still 05_small.jpg
Morgana. Królowa Porno
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