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Section: Becoming Oneself

As Sylwia Chutnik writes in her text about this year's section “Becoming Oneself”, becoming oneself is the time to ask questions. And this moment seems to be the most interesting one, as it allows us to listen to our own needs. Even if we won´t find a clear-cut answer, at least we will spend some time with ourselves and get to know ourselves better.

Together with the films’ protagonists, we will go on an intimate journey in search of our/their own identity - cultural, racial, sexual or gender.


Always Amber dir. Lia Hietala, Hannah Reinikainen (Sweden / 2020 / 75’)

Another Europe dir. Sangam Sharma (Austria / 2020 / 55’)

Passage dir. Sarah Baril Gaudet (Canada / 2020 / 81’)

Becoming Oneself: set of shorts

Bay of Plenty dir. Milva Stutz (Switzerland / 2018 / 12’)

Breakwater dir. Cris Lyra (Brazil / 2019 / 27’)

La Reina dir. Julia Konarska (UK / 2020 / 13’)

Luca (m/f/x) dir. Hannah Schwaiger, Ricarda Funnemann (Germany / 2019 / 7’)

Mixed Race dir. Tai Linhares (Brazil, Germany / 2019 / 29’)

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