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dir. Ewa Podgórska / Poland / 2018 / 78 min.

Section: New Faces


Director: Ewa Podgórska 

Screenplay: Ewa Podgórska 

Cinematography: Marek Kozakiewicz 

Editing: Piasek & Wójcik 

Sound: Marcin Lenarczyk 

Music: Bartłomiej Tyciński, dj Lenar 

Producers: Małgorzata Wabińska 

Production: Entertain Pictures in co-production with z EC1 Lodz – City of Culture, Fixafilm, Entertain Studio Małgorzata Wabińska

World sales: Entertain Pictures

Language: Polish, French


“Diagnosis” is a journey into the depths of the subconsciousness of a city formed by human beings. The inhabitants of this city undergo the sessions on the couch. Unlocked by formally trivial questions, they begin their journey into the depths of their own feelings and emotions towards the place where they live. The city itself becomes only a starting point and, over time, conversations get more and more intimate. The scenes from life, reminiscences and highly emotional moments interlace with the subjectively perceived shots of the city. They are blending together, complementing and interacting with each other. The fears of the film characters, their desires and unfinished affairs become the narrative axis of the film by constituting a common fate.


IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, ZagrebDox, Krakow Film Festival, Sofia International Film Festival, Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer (Best Editing), Frames of Representation, Singapore International Festival of Arts, Ismailia International Film Festival, International Documentary Film Festival ELBE DOCK, Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Transatlantyk Festival, HumanDOC, ELBE DOCK, Forum Kina Europejskiego CINERGIA (Crystal Apple and Audience Award), Two Riversides Film and Art Festival



Ewa Podgórska graduated from the Lodz Film School and University of Lodz, majoring in film theory (MA Degree) as well as DOK PRO, a documentary program at Wajda School. A participant of Docu Talents from the East in 2016. She participated in Story Lab Pro. Director of TV series “Porty” and “Nietypowe transporty” for Discovery Channel. Her debut, “The Chicken and the Egg”, a short documentary about a difficult relationship between a mother and a daughter, had its world premiere  at the Film de Femmes Festival in Paris. Simultaneously, she has published articles in the most important film magazines in Poland. She is an author of articles about working methods of prominent documentary movie directors.


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