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dir. Martina Scarpelli / France / 2018 / 11 min. / Warsaw premiere

Section: Body


Director: Martina Scarpelli

Screenplay: Martina Scarpelli 

Animation: Martina Scarpelli


Editing: Albane du Plessix, Martina Scarpelli

Music: Amos Cappuccio, Sofie Birch

Producers: Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron, Lana Tankosa Nikolic

Production: Miyu Productions in co-production with Late Love Production

World sales: Miyu Distribution

Language: English


A woman is locked in her home with an egg, which she is both attracted to and scared of. She eats the egg, she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of hunger. “Egg” is a poetic short film based on a small yet significant moment in the director’s own life. It portraits a moment of shame, defeat and yet of victory.

Special thanks to the Animator International Animated Film Festival for their support.




Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Animowanych Animator (Brązowy Pegaz i Nagroda Publiczności), Docaviv (Najlepszy krótkometrażowy film dokumentalny), shortlista do nagród Cezara, Indie Street Film Festival (Najlepszy animowany film krótkometrażowy), Ars Electronica (Wyróżnienie Specjalne), DOK Leipzig (Złoty Gołąb dla Najlepszego animowanego filmu), Annecy International Film Festival (Nagroda Jean-Luc Xiberras dla Pierwszego filmu), AFI Fest (Główna Nagroda Jury dla Najlepszego krótkometrażowego filmu animowanego), MONSTRA Lisbon Animation Festival (Grand Prix), Filmfest Dresden (Złoty Jeździec w konkursie międzynarodowym dla Najlepszego animowanego filmu), London International Animation Festival (Najlepsza animacja), Seattle International Film Festival (Wyróżnienie Specjalne), Manchester Film Festival (Wyróżnienie Specjalne), Riga International Film Festival (Wyróżnienie Specjalne), shortlista do nagród David di Donatello, Odense International Film Festival (Nagroda Animation Talent), nominacja dla Najlepszej reżyserii do European Animation Award



Martina Scarpelli is an Italian filmmaker with a BA in Fine Art from the Academy of Brera in Milano and a bachelor in Animation from the Experimental Cinematography Center in Turin. She graduated in 2015 with the film “Cosmoetico”. She took part in the ASF - Animation Sans Frontières in 2014/2015 in development and production of animated projects. She currently works in Denmark. Her latest short film “Egg” was awarded with a crystal for first film at Annecy, received a Golden Dove at DOK Leipzig, Golden Horseman at Filmfest Dresden, was nominated for Best Short Film at the European Animation Awards 2018 and shortlisted for the 2020 Cesar Award.


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