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Delphine’s Prayers

Dir. Rosine Mbakam / Belgium / 2021 / 91’ / Polish premiere




Director: Rosine Mbakam
Cinematography: Rosine Mbakam
Editing: Geoffroy Cernaix
Sound: Rosine Mbakam, Loïc Villiot
Producers: Geoffroy Cernaix, Aimé Césaire Dimenkeu Nkue
Production: Tândor Productions, Tândor Films
World sales: Tândor Productions
Language: Cameroonian Pidgin English, French



Rosine Mbakam tells the story of Delphine, a young Cameroonian woman who, after the death of her mother and abandonment by her father, had experienced sexual assault at the age of 13. For a time she resorted to sex work to support herself and her daughter and ended up marrying a Belgian man three times her age, hoping to find a better life in Europe. Seven years later, the European dream has all but turned to smoke. Delphine, like others, is part of a generation of young African women who chose to migrate to the Global North and had to face the brutal realities of gendered and racialized domination. Through her struggle, Delphine exposes the false promise of the European project and its neocolonial foundations.

Film presented with the support of Bureau Wallonie-Bruxelles à Varsovie.

Special thanks to the director Rosine Mbakam and Tândor Productions.


Cinema du Réel (Young Audience Award), Doc Fortnight - MoMA’s Festival of International Nonfiction Film and Media, True/False Film Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, AFI DOCS, DOXA Documentary Film Festival


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Rosine Mbakam
Director of fiction and documentary, Rosine Mbakam graduated from the Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et des Techniques de Diffusion (INSAS) in 2012. Rosine grew up in Cameroon. She chose cinema very early on and trained in Yaoundé thanks to the teams of the Italian NGO COE (Centro Orientamento Educativo) where she was introduced to image, editing and directing in 2000. She collaborated and directed several institutional films for this structure before joining the STV (Spectrum Television) team directed by Mactar Silla in 2003. For 4 years, she worked as an editor, director, presenter and program manager. Driven by the desire to develop her cinematographic gaze, she joined INSAS in 2007, where she graduated in 2012. Rosine directed her first short fiction film “Tu seras mon allié” which won awards at several international festivals. Out of desire for independence, she founded Tândor Productions in 2014 with Geoffroy Cernaix. By self-producing her films, she seeks to defend the singularity of her gaze. In 2017 she directed “Les Deux visages d'une femme bamileke”, her first feature-length documentary, which was selected to more than sixty festivals. Her next film “Chez jolie coiffure” reached even wider audiences. In order to develop cinema in her country, Cameroon, she founded the production company Tândor Films in 2018. At the same time, she initiated Caravane Cinéma, which ensures the distribution of African films in the working class neighborhoods of Cameroon's major cities through open-air screenings. Her third feature-length documentary film “Delphine’s Prayers” was released in 2021. She is also preparing the shooting of her second short fiction film “Pierrette”. She divides her time between her production structure (Tândor Productions in Belgium and Tândor Films in Cameroon) where she works on several projects and her teaching activities at the KASK in Ghent (Belgium).




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Red Stains
Red Stains
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