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Mullah’s Daughter

Dir. Mahdieh Mirhabibi, Hassan Solhjou / Iran, UK / 2019 / 72’ / Polish premiere


Family Album


Directors: Mahdieh Mirhabibi, Hassan Solhjou
Cinematography: Mahdieh Mirhabibi, Marzieh Mirhabibi, Ali Akbar Mirhabibi
Editing: Hassan Solhjou
Sound: Ensieh Maleki, Masood Azizi
Producers: Mahdieh Mirhabibi, Hassan Solhjou
Production: TFC
World sales: TFC
Language: Persian



A unique inside story of a conservative Mullah’s (Imam’s) family in Iran, filmed by his daughter, Mahdieh. She is a photographer banned from her job by the government due to political restrictions. Mullah is in radical support of Iranian regime, but he is struggling to manage his defiant children with opposing political and religious beliefs. Mahdieh has a secret to share with her family: she is planning to leave the country with her boyfriend. However, it is not that easy and things are getting more complicated...


CPH:DOX, Busan International Film Festival, ImagineIndia International Film Festival


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Mahdieh Mirhabibi
Born in 1982. An Iranian freelance photographer living in exile. She has been banned from her job as a photographer in Iran and had to flee to Turkey. She has been covering stories in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Somalia through her photographs. “Mullah′s Daughter” is her first film.

Hassan Solhjou
Born in 1970. A senior producer at the BBC World Service, an editor and presenter of a film showcase in BBC Persian TV. He studied cinema in Iran and the UK and so far has made more than 10 films, mainly documentaries. His films include “The Night Season” (1991), “Fish Talking” (2006), “In Search of a Healer” (2007), “The Birds I Dreamed” (2010) and “Throw A Stone into The Water” (2011). Some of these films have brought him international acclaim and awards at national and international film festivals.



Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
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