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Of water

Dir. ZAKOLE / Poland / 2021 / 17’ / world premiere




Directors: Grupa ZAKOLE
Screenplay: Grupa ZAKOLE
Cinematography: Olga Roszkowska, Pola Salicka
Editing: Olga Roszkowska, Pola Salicka
Sound: Krystyna Jędrzejewska-Szmek (lector)
Music: Mateusz Olszewski (Zaumne)
Producer: Departament Obecności Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie
Production: Grupa ZAKOLE
World sales: Grupa ZAKOLE, Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie
Language: Polish



The film focuses on micro-observations, telling the story of Zakole Wawerskie - a vast wetland located almost in the heart of Warsaw. When entering this space, although we can still hear the sounds of the city in the background, we agree to follow another set of rules established by the surrounding environment. Water, air, constant transformation, dependence on one another, decomposition and varied defensive mechanisms determine life in the swamp and around it. The area is inhabited and visited by different beings - beavers, birds, dragonflies, alder, reed and grass. As well as humans - although they fell the least at home there. Something constantly irritates them, something crowds, tickles and bites. They perform a series of weird, ritualistic gestures, trying to save themselves from the fiercest defenders of the wet landscape.
The sounds of the immersive, swamp journey were created by Zaumne (Mateusz Olszewski).

Video artwork realized for the HER Docs Film Festival 2021.


HER Docs Film Festival (world premiere)


Lan_You_Director photo.jpg

ZAKOLE aims to find new ways of talking about and experiencing places such as Zakole Wawerskie and to present the perspective of creatures inhabiting and co-creating these areas in a close up. We wish to emphasize the importance of such places in cities, especially for natural and climatic reasons, but also take into account the complexity of relations and interests of various actors connected to these areas.
We will be looking for answers to these questions in the following months during our experimental tours with a group of artists and biologists as an exercise in mindfulness and empathy towards non-human beings. Activities under the ZAKOLE project are a chance to generate and exchange various kinds of knowledge, including historical and scientific expertise, as well as the personal one, embodied and based on sensory experience.
ZAKOLE is part of the EU MediaActivism project that is managed in Poland by Krytyka Polityczna.
Participants: Zuzia Derlacz, Krysia Jędrzejewska-Szmek, Ola Knychalska, Olga Roszkowska, Pola Salicka.




Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
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