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Kusama - Infinity 

dir. Heather Lenz / USA / 2018 / 80 min. / Warsaw premiere

Section: Art


Director: Heather Lenz

Screenplay: Heather Lenz, Keita Ideno 

Cinematography: Hart Perry, Hide Itaya

Editing: Heather Lenz, Keita Ideno 

Music: Allyson Newman

Producer: Heather Lenz, Karen Johnson, David Koh, Dan Brown

Production: Goodmovies Entertainment, Lenz Productions, Octopus Originals, Submarine Entertainment, Tokyo Lee Productions

World sales: Dogwoof

Language: English 


“Kusama - Infinity” explores Yayoi Kusama’s fierce determination to become a world-renowned artist. Kusama was born into a conservative family in rural Japan and she made her way to America on the heels of World War II. There, without connections and speaking only broken English, she devoted herself to her one true love, making art. On her first day in New York, Kusama has stated that she climbed to the top of the Empire State Building, looked down upon the city below, and made a decision to stand out from everyone she saw below and become a star. In 2014 Yayoi Kusama was named the world’s “most popular artist” and one of the “most expensive living female artists”.

We would like to thank Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty for their support. 


Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, DocAviv, Art Basel, Melbourne International Film Festival, New Horizons International Film Festival



Director and producer, Heather Lenz is passionate about documentaries and biography films. She is drawn to stories about people with creative minds who have not walked the beaten path (such as Yayoi Kusama). Her first short documentary about a bicycle inventor, “Back to Back” was nominated for a student Academy Award and screened in film festivals worldwide. Lenz has degrees in Art History and Fine Arts from Kent State University. She also earned an MFA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California.


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