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I Burn Easily

Zofia Krawiec / Poland / 2019

Section: Art


Director: Zofia Krawiec

Screenplay: Zofia Krawiec

Cinematography: Jan Świetlik

Editing: Zofia Krawiec, Jan Świetlik

Sound: Przemek Daniłowicz

Performance: Aleksandra Domańska, Zofia Krawiec, Marta Malikowska and Marta Konarzewska, Bartosz Ostrowski, Matusz Nędza, Ewelina Żak

Producers: Joanna Manecka

Production: Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

Language: Polish


When the semi-naked photograph of the three friends finds its way illegally into a pornographic website, the women, until then as nice as pie, decide to take the matter into their own hands.  
The series “I Burn Easily”, shot with a mobile phone and directed by Zofia Krawiec, is an experiment at the junction of new media and cinema. Its beginning is reminiscent of any number of TV series in the revenge genre. Here, the simple plotline is merely a device for telling quite a different story. This new project by Zofia Krawiec, an artist, curator and feminist who has been prominent on social media, explores her interests to date: the creation of one’s own online identity and raising the topic of non-normative bodily dimensions and the need to build a sisterhood. On this occasion, Krawiec engages with the phenomenon of online hate trolls, to whom she has fallen prey herself, as did the actors that she has also involved in her project – Marta Malikowska and Aleksandra Domańska. In developing the narrative of the series, the artist has employed the dynamics and aesthetics of popular online messaging programmes to create her own television channel based on social media. After all, each instance of streaming is a live broadcast targeting a specific audience! 





Zofia Krawiec is an artist, curator and culture journalist. She’s the author of “Love Performance” (published by Lampa and Iska Boża in 2016) - a book which explores artworks created under the influence of strong emotions resulting from romantic relationships. She also curated an exhibition under the same title (“Love Performance”, exhibited in Labyrinth Gallery and BWA Tarnów). She co-curated the show “140 Beats per Minute” in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2017) and curated the exhibition “The Girl May Seem Strong but Inside She Barely Holds On” in the lokal_30 gallery (2018). As a journalist Zofia Krawiec published a number of articles and interviews in some of the most important Pollish magazines and newspapers. She initiated the discussion about selfie-feminism in Polish public sphere, claiming that the phenomena proves that women use new media as useful tools in their struggles for emancipation. Zofia Krawiec is the author of the feminist Instagram project “Neurotic girl” aiming at exposing stereotypes about young women which are deeply rooted in Polish society. Her online activity resulted in a wave of internet hate. Since then, the cyber-hate against young women became one of the most important topics in her artistic activities. Zofia Krawiec also wrote, directed and played one of the leading roles in the art serial “I Burn Easily” produced in cooperation with the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.


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