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HER Docs Film Festival 2021




1. . The second edition of HER Docs Forum, hereinafter referred to as the Forum, will be held on September 5-8, 2024 in Warsaw.

1.2. The Forum is organized by the HER Docs Foundation (Fundacja HER Docs).

1.3. The aim of the Forum is to present and promote documentary films, experimental films, animations and video artworks directed by women* from around the world.



2.1. The Forum presents films in selected thematic sections.

2.2. The films presented during the Forum do not compete for prizes and are presented only in non-competitive sections.




3.1. Eligible for submissions are: documentary, animated and experimental films and video artworks of feature, medium and short length.

3.2. We accept submissions of films directed or co-directed by women*.

3.3. Preferred films:

- films before the Warsaw premiere;

- films produced not earlier than in 2022.

3.4. The film can be submitted by the director, producer or other entity with the legal right to such action. Any claims arising from unauthorized submission of the film lie with the Applicant.

3.4. Decision of the acceptance of the film to the Forum lies with the Organizer.

3.5. The selection of films for all Forum screenings includes films submitted on time and in accordance with terms set out in Rules and Regulations.

3.6. Submission is free of charge.

3.7. Films should be submitted via the online form available on 

3.8. The application should be submitted by July 1, 2024 at the latest.

3.9. Non-Polish or English-language films should be submitted in the original language version with English subtitles.

3.10. Review copies:

3.10.1. The Organizer accepts online screeners, i.e. public or private links to the film, with or without a password, with unlimited temporal and territorial access (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, etc.). While the selection is in progress, the password to the link cannot be changed.

3.10.2. Links requiring download (e.g. WeTransfer, MyAirBridge, etc.) will not be accepted.

3.10.3. The film for selection must be delivered no later than 7 days from the date of online submission.

3.11. The Organizer will notify all Applicants about the selection results by e-mail, immediately after its completion, at least 30 days before the start of the Festival.

3.12. The Festival does not bear the costs associated with the implementation of works or commuting to the Festival.

3.13. The Festival reserves the right to adjourn, cancel the selection and change the list of qualified films.

3.14. Qualified films are made available to the Organizer free of charge.

3.15. After receiving information about the qualification of the film and its approval by the Applicant, the Applicant agrees not to withdraw the film from the Festival.

3.16. There can be no more than 5 screenings of each film during the Festival. Any additional screenings outside the Festival program require a separate consent of the Applicant.

3.17. The list of films selected for non-competition sections will be posted on Festival website via after the selection, no later than 30 days before the start of the Festival.

3.18. After receiving information about the qualification of the film for the Festival program, the Applicant is required to provide additional film materials (including film stills in high resolution, photos and biography of the director / directors, the original and English dialogue list, technical information sheet, trailer).

3.19. In the case of films with exceptional artistic values, the Organizer may decide not to apply the statutory requirements.

3.20. The Organizer decides in all further matters not covered by these Regulations.




4.1. Films presented during the Forum can be displayed exclusively on DCP media file.

4.2. DCP file should be delivered to the Festival by June 15, 2021 to the address given in the shipping instructions. The package should be properly described. Any changes to this condition should be agreed with the Festival before that date.

4.3. The copy should be recorded on a file compatible with the submitted one, in the original version with English subtitles (if the film is not in the English language version), in good technical condition. In addition, the Applicant provides the Festival with a dialogue list in English and in the original language (if the film is not in the English language version).

4.4. Projection copy transport costs:

4.4.1. The costs of sending a copy to the Festival, as well as all shipping charges are covered by the Applicant, unless otherwise agreed with the Organizer.

4.4.2. The sender should follow the shipping instructions which will be given to him by the Organizer. Further instructions will be provided after delivery of the selection results. To foreign film shipments from outside the European Union, the sender should attach a pro forma invoice with its specific value not exceeding 10 euro and note “No commercial value. For cultural purposes only”.

4.4.3 The Applicant is subject to customs regulations related to the transport of films.

4.4.4. The costs of sending back the copy are covered by the Festival, unless otherwise agreed with the Applicant.

4.4.5. The festival is obliged to return a copy of the film in a condition not worse than that resulting from normal use.

4.5. The Festival's liability for damage or loss of the package is limited to the cost of producing a new copy at the applicable laboratory rates. 

4.6. Damage to a film copy must be reported to the Festival office in writing or by email within 14 days of its return, or before the first screening at the next festival.

4.7. A copy will be sent to the address provided by the Applicant after the end of the Festival. The Organizer is not responsible for damages resulting from receiving a faulty address.


5.1. The Applicant agrees to the publication of information about the film on the Festival's website, in official print and press materials.

5.2. The Applicant grants the Festival the right to use:

  1. film copies for Festival screenings,

  2. supplied promotional materials (stills in high resolution, photos and biography of the director / directors, synopsis in English, trailer, presskit) for Festival publications (print, Festival website, catalogue, Festival program) and for promotion purposes of the Festival in the media. The Applicant agrees to the editing of the materials by the Organizer.

  3. fragments of the film shown in television broadcasts related to the Festival (trailer or fragment of up to 2 minutes from medium and full-length films and up to 30 seconds from short films) and in activities related to the promotion of the film and the Festival.

5.3. The Organizer has the right to use fragments of the film and promotional materials to promote subsequent editions of the Festival on the principles described in point 5.1. To the extent resulting from items 5.1 and 5.2, the Applicant grants the Organizer a license or permits the Organizer to exercise the subsidiary rights to a work free of charge.


6.1. In case of doubt, the final interpretation of the regulations belongs to the Festival's Artistic Director or the Board of the HER Docs Foundation.

6.2. Questions regarding the submission and selection of films should be directed to:

6.3. Submitting a film to participate in the Festival is tantamount to:

a) acceptance of the Rules and Regulations,

b) participants’ agreement to process their personal data for the purposes of selection and for the marketing purposes of the Festival in accordance to The Act on the protection of personal data of August 29, 1997 No. 133, item 833, as amended.

6.4. The Festival Organizer is not responsible for infringements of third party rights arising in connection with the use of the submitted works, unless the violation is solely the fault of the Organizer. In this respect, the Applicant releases the Organizer from liability.

6.5. In case of doubt as to the interpretation of the provisions of the Rules and Regulations, the Polish language version shall prevail.


7.1. Participation in the Festival is tantamount to consent to photographing and filming Participants for promotional purposes and placing their personal image on the Organiser's website and social media channels (youtube, instagram, facebook, snapchat, twitter and others) managed by the Organizer.

7.2. The above consent may be revoked at any time by submitting such a request directly to the Organizer in the form of:

a) an email sent to,

b) letter in writing sent to the Organizer's registered office: Fundacja HER Docs, ul. Foksal 3 / 5, 4th floor, 00-366 Warsaw.

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