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Section: Body as a Battlefield

Our bodies are still battlegrounds, as best illustrated by the disputes over reproductive rights. The body, appropriated by politics, ideology and religion, is still at the centre of various conflicts. In recent years, in response to the conservative upsurge and the attempts to restrict womxn’s and sexual minorities’ rights in different parts of the world, dozens of banners with the slogan “I can’t believe I still have to protest this shit” or its variations have appeared on the streets, in Washington and Paris, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Seoul as well as in Polish, Pakistani and Irish towns. This is a good moment to have a look at the authors’ works, exploring different aspects of the struggle for women’s subjectivity.



Ankebût dir. Ceylan Özgün Özçelik (Turkey / 2020 / 5’)

Battlefield dir. Silvia Biagioni, Andrea Laudante (Italy / 2020 / 10’)

Black&White dir. Eluned Zoë Aiano, Anna Benner (Czech Republic, Germany / 2019 / 19’)

Hard dir. Sasha Ihnatovich, Jasmina Mustafić (Slovenia / 2019 / 6’)

Let My Body Speak dir. Madonna Adib (UK, Lebanon / 2020 / 10’)

Thermoplastische Elastomere dir. Karola Pfaffinger (Germany / 2019 / 7’)

The Wedding Cake dir. Monica Mazzitelli (Sweden / 2020 / 4’)

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