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Section: Travelogues

Film reflections on traveling and moving around. We will go on a journey through Europe, travel to remote Indonesian islands and the Nepalese jungle, we will see what life is like on a huge cruise ship, but also observe a day in the life of a Singapore taxi driver. We will also learn about fascinating and brave female travelers - Mieczysław Nogajewska, who in the 1930s independently ran the famous photo studio "Foto-Elite" in Gdynia in Poland, and Asmahan, a diva and Druze princess whose life was short, but extremely colorful.


Another Europe dir. Sangam Sharma (Austria / 2020 / 55’)

A Travelogue dir. Anna Baumgart (Poland / 2020 / 10’)

The Hero's Journey to the Third Pole - A Bipolar Musical Documentary with Elephants dir. Anní Ólafsdóttir, Andri Snær Magnason (Iceland / 2020 / 75’)

Travelogues: set of shorts

$ingapura dir. Lan Yu (Singapore / 2019 / 4’)

2857 dir. Antonina Nowacka (Poland / 2020 / 22’)

All Inclusive dir. Corina Schwingruber Ilić (Switzerland / 2019 / 10’)

Asmahan the diva dir. Chloé Mazlo (France / 2019 / 6’)

A Travelogue dir. Anna Baumgart (Poland / 2020 / 10’)

Forget Alberto for Now dir. Beina Xu (Germany / 2020 / 19’)

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