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Martyna Miller / Poland / 2019 / 23 min

Section: Art


Director, screenplay, cinematography, editing, sound, music: Martyna Miller

Performance: Jakub Bolewski, Dobrawa Borkała, Paco Croket, Anti Gonna, Ignacy Hryniewicz, Edka Jarząb, Dylan Kerr, Aleksandra Kluczyk, Katarzyna Korytowska, Marta Malikowska, Elan Mehl, Anastazja Pataridze, Michał Perła, Jerzy Ryll, Piotr Sędkowski, Anka Stankiewicz, Marta Zdanowicz, Rafał Żarski

Producers: Martyna Miller

Production: Dream Adoption Society, University of the Arts Poznan

World sales: Martyna Miller

Language: without dialogue 


“sexinsitu” is a project that aims at creating and developing a new sexual visuality, restoring its lively dimension. In the project we reject the pornographic aesthetics and images which turn sex into a commodity and are meant to satisfy the viewers; instead, we produce images that place the sexual sphere in the realm of emotion, closeness and relationships. The videos produced within the project do not feature sex; they are physical reconstructions of particular sexual memories of the participants, performed solo. A body situated alone in space, without a partner, recalling the shared moments - it provokes questions about responsibility and pleasure, as well as about the role and function of the body, mind and memory in the process of experiencing pleasure, loving and/or forming relationships. “sexinsitu” problematises human sexuality in the philosophical dimension by treating sex as a personal but not private matter. Its aim is to restore the social dimension of sexuality.




Martyna Miller_photo_Paweł Śmiałek.jpg

Interdisciplinary artist, director and anthropologist, studied in Warsaw and Sarajevo, currently preparing a doctorate at the University of Arts in Poznań. Co-creator of duos Polanki and PDP, founder of TYNA collective. Since 2017 she has been running the DOMIE project in Poznań, an experiment of collective self-care on the border between art, architecture and social sciences. In her projects, moving in the space of memory and body, she researches alternative communication methods, possibilities of contemporary transgression and archiving of knowledge. To achieve that she uses video, performance, sound and more. Her works are often cycles, collections, gestures, fragments of a wider search. Since 2016, she has been developing “sexinsitu” project, which is based on the documentation of people's solo reconstructions of their sexual memories.


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