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Programme  •  HER Docs ONLINE  •  November, 21-25 

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dir. Pia Hellenthal / Germany / 2019 / 84 min.

When in 1996 the lyricist of The Grateful Dead announced that Cyberspace will bring “a civilization of the Mind“, F. was four years old. A few years later she declared privacy as an outdated concept, renamed herself Eva and published her first diary entry online. Quickly Eva became an Internet star, allowing the world to watch her grow up. Today Eva is in her early twenties, fluctuating between her offline life, where she recently defined herself an anarchist vagabond and a feminist sex worker and her online persona, iconified as an archetype of authenticity.

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dir. Sun Hee Engelstoft / Denmark, South Korea / 2019 / 86 min. / Polish premiere

“Forget Me Not” takes place at Aeshuwon, an institution, for young pregnant unmarried women at the South Korean Island of Jeju. Here they seek refuge from their normal environment in order to hide their pregnancy and stay there until they have given birth to their baby. During their stay the women must make the crucial choice of whether to keep their child or give it up for adoption. The choice has great consequences for the women since educational institutes and work industries often refuse unmarried mothers, so it’s about choosing between two entirely different lives in Korean society.


dir. Gabrielle Brady / Germany, UK, Australia / 2018 / 89 min.

Located off the coast of Indonesia, the Australian territory of Christmas Island is inhabited by migratory crabs travelling in their millions from the jungle towards the ocean, in a movement that has been provoked by the full moon for hundreds of thousands of years.
Poh Lin is a “trauma therapist” who lives with her family in this place of hostile and wild landscapes - one of the last places on the planet to be discovered.


dir. Leona Goldstein / Germany / 2015 / 84 min.

What sounds like a feminist utopia, is in Rwanda reality: Since 2008 women form the majority in the Rwandan parliament - up to now a global novelty. 20 years after the genocide the country is considered as one of the most progressive countries of the African continent – quick economic growth, technological forerunner position, and a pulsating network of women-activists who in the fight for reconciliation and equal rights have created new spaces for women.


dir. Maryam Zaree / Germany, Austria / 2019 / 98 min. / Polish premiere

“Born in Evin” follows filmmaker and actress, Maryam Zaree, on her quest to find out the violent circumstances surrounding her birth inside one of the most notorious political prisons in the world. Exactly forty years have passed since the monarchy of the Shah of Iran was toppled and the Islamic Republic declared. In the 1980’s Ayatollah Khomeini, the so-called religious leader, had tens of thousands of political opponents arrested, persecuted and murdered. Among them the filmmaker’s parents who, after years in prison, managed to seek asylum in Germany.

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