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Pre-premiere screening of "Feminism WTF"

We invite you to the screening announcing the HER Docs Forum! After two well-received editions of the HER Docs Film Festival, which focuses on the documentary filmmaking of women, it's time for a review of the latest documentaries directed by women - this year under the slogan: ENGAGED GAZE. The open-air, pre-premiere screening of the film "Feminism WTF" by Katharina Mückstein will announce the HER Docs Forum - an event taking place on September 13-17, in Warsaw.

✼ Where: open-air cinema in front of the entrance to Kinoteka PKiN

✼ When: Tuesday, August 29, at 21:00

✼ Free admission

✼ The film will be available with Polish and English subtitles.

"Feminism WTF" - everything you wanted to know about feminism, but were afraid to ask! 😊

Austrian director and screenwriter Katharina Mückstein decided to create a film - a pill of knowledge about the contemporary feminist movement (or rather: many feminist movements) in a pop, visually stunning and intense form. From a simple (and tricky) experiment with the division into pink and blue clothes for children, to eye-opening statements by experts in the field of sociology, biology, sexology and political science, the filmmaker reveals to us the alphabet of feminist thoughts. Mückstein places the experts in carefully arranged, colorful spaces - the set design itself illustrates the departure from the gender binary. Their statements are complemented by queer dance scenes and campy choreography.

This year's HER Docs Forum is an event bringing together women professionals active in the world of socially engaged documentary film, which will take place on September 13-17, 2023 in Warsaw. The rich and diverse program of the event will include both a program addressed to women members of the documentary film industry and a public program addressed to a wide audience in Warsaw. The public program of the HER Docs Forum will include, among others: film screenings held at the Warsaw Kinoteka cinema, accompanying conversations with invited guests and meetings with foreign and Polish filmmakers, workshops on a feminist view of film, and an educational program for young audiences, including documentary filmmaking workshop, a film screening and an accompanying discussion around climate education. The forum will be opened by a poetry slam with the participation of the Warsaw art scene.

Admission to all HER Docs Forum events will be free of charge.

The program of the HER Docs Forum will soon be available at:


Projekt HER Docs Forum realizowany jest w ramach Francusko-Niemieckiego Funduszu Kultury (Fonds Culturel Franco-Allemand / Deutsch-Französischer Kulturfonds). Fundusz ​​powstał w 2003 roku z okazji 40. rocznicy podpisania Traktatu Elizejskiego i promuje niemiecko-francuską współpracę przy projektach kulturalnych i artystycznych w krajach trzecich, stymulując globalną wymianę międzykulturową.

Organization: Goethe-Institut in Warsaw, French Institute in Poland, HER Docs Foundation

The project is co-financed by: the capital city of Warsaw, the Franco-German Cultural Fund, as well as Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw, Austrian Cultural Forum, Swiss Embassy in Poland, Association of Authors ZAiKS, Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission

Partnerships: Andrzej Wajda Center for Film Culture, International Film Festival WATCH DOCS, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Kinoteka PKiN, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, "Sunflower" Solidarity Community Center, Kobiety Filmu Association, Lodz Film School, Crew United, Polish Producers Alliance KIPA, Documentary Association of Europe (DAE)

Matrons: Vogue Poland, PISMO, Radio 357, KMAG, Filmawka, Polish Docs, EKRANy, Notes na 6 Tygodni


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