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Queer-feminist poetic slam in the program of the HER Docs Forum


What Blue Almonds Taste Like _ Embodied Speculation.

An interdisciplinary, queer-feminist poetry slam.



馃數 What Blue Almonds Taste Like_ Disembodied Speculation is an interdisciplinary, queer-feminist poetry slam and collaborative gathering of committed creative people, bringing together the realms of poetry and performance. The event is co-created with R贸偶 R贸偶y艅ski and Marta Jalowska as part of the HER Docs Forum public programme.

We invite you on September 14th, at 7:30 pm to the seat of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw at ul. Pa艅ska 3.

馃數 On 14 September 2023 or 14 September 2271, or maybe 14 September 1972 we will immerse ourselves in all times, give birth to and rewrite worlds - experiment, unseal and reignite.

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to attend a slam, or rather an interdisciplinary poetry afternoon. We invite all forms and types of presence: infinite, diffuse and full.

Songs, poems, texts, manifestos, words, sounds, movements.

馃數Our slam will be an evening of practice. We want to practice an engaged gaze through art. To listen to the words boiling in our mouths, to co-experience the images spilling into our guts. We want to co-create with you a space that defies the mythology of linear development, ignores the fantasy of the omnipotent power of scientific knowledge and capitalist immensity. We are the scattered margins, with our lives of 'under-thought' we expose the fragility of absolutes.

How do we cast spells that will make the status quo no longer serve us? How do we cast spells that the rest of us will not be afraid to repeat or practice? How can we share our spells? What do blue almonds taste like?

PS Your queerness and feminism are enough if you express yourself through them. 馃數馃數

We invite you to actively participate and co-create a responsive, safe space and to treat it as a laboratory of creative ideas, where diverse feminist narratives can be intertwined. We invite you to share your creative practice, to embody speculation. Speeches can last up to 6 minutes.

Submissions are accepted until September 9th by email to: writing "What do blue almonds taste like" in the title.

We ask you to send the following information: First name, last name, what you want to share at the slam, how long your speech can be, do you have any additional technical requirements?


See you soon! __

The authors of the text are R贸偶 R贸偶y艅ski and Marta Jalowska. The event is part of the public program of the HER Docs Forum in Warsaw (September 13-17, 2023). The full program of the HER Docs Forum can be found at

The organizers of the HER Docs Forum are: the Goethe-Institut in Warsaw, the French Institute in Poland and the HER Docs Foundation. ___

The HER Docs Forum is carried out as part of the Franco-German Cultural Fund (Fonds Culturel Franco-Allemand / Deutsch-Franz枚sischer Kulturfonds). The fund was established in 2003 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Elys茅e Treaty and promotes German-French cooperation on cultural and artistic projects in third countries, stimulating global intercultural exchange.

Organization: Goethe-Institut in Warsaw, French Institute in Poland, HER Docs Foundation

The project is co-financed by: the capital city of Warsaw, the Franco-German Cultural Fund, as well as Heinrich B枚ll Foundation in Warsaw, Austrian Cultural Forum, Swiss Embassy in Poland, Association of Authors ZAiKS, Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission

Partners: Andrzej Wajda Center for Film Culture, International Film Festival WATCH DOCS, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Kinoteka PKiN, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 鈥淪unflower鈥 Solidarity Community Center, Kobiety Filmu Association, Lodz Film School, Crew United, Polish Producers Alliance KIPA, Documentary Association of Europe (DAE), FIFDH, Northern Lights Film Festival, Belarusian Independent Film Academy, VODBLISK, Progresja, Klub SPATiF, Otwarty Jazd贸w

Media matrons: Vogue Poland, PISMO, Radio 357, KMAG, Filmawka, Polish Docs, EKRANy, Notes na 6 Tygodni, Architektura & Biznes


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